Thursday, April 20, 2006 

Champions League comments - Arsenal struggling

So last night i watched Arsenal struggle to win against a pretty poor side in the semi final of the champions league. Villareal have been the underdogs all the way through this seasons European Cup and yet they seem to make every team struggle against them. For me a 1-0 victory at home against them is not a good result, especially when Arsenal got the noses in front early on in the game. They really should have pushed on and tried to grab a second decisive goal. Instead they seemed lazy and uninterested in going forward and the midfield seem to disappear. A worrying sign for the big game on saturday that could make or break their season and the chances of Henry staying!

The night before I saw two of the giants of football lock horns and the team that I have believed in all season came through! Not without a bit of luck i might add. If Gilardino had actually decided to put his shooting boots on it might have been different. I could have said the same for Ronny in the first half, but after his sublime pass to Guily, the man came alive. The commentators gave him such a hard time, but if they paid any attention they would have realised that the guy had aabout three man markers. In the second half, once the goal was scored, Milan went looking for the equaliser and gave him more space. Not rocket science, when you have more space you play better! Anyway I believe we will see an Arsenal Barcelona final, but I dont really think Arsenal have a chance against the Catalan giant. We will see.....

On another note, my friends and I, in an afternoon of boring revision decided to look at the goalscoring stats of the great strikers, to see where Shearer lies. If im honest i was surprised at how right i was!! Sorry Jason....the goal ratios for total games played in their carrers was roughly

Shearer 52% Henry 62% Ruud Van 62% Shevchenko 57% Ronaldo 65%

Henry had by far the most assists and also scored around 250 goals in just over 300 appearances for Arsenal - a staggering stat. And also Wayne Rooney is just under Mr Shearers goalscoring stat as well with just under 50%, therefore considering that is all he gives a team, I think its fair to say that there are plenty of better players that have graced the premiership than Shearer! Enjoy the revision guys......

Wednesday, April 12, 2006 

Just saw this carlsberg video and thought it was very amusing - A few world class players in it

It is certainly the best Pub team i have ever seen!! ( be patient it takes a while to load up because its long!)

If you are too impatient use the link below


How do we decide if a player is world class?

After all the comments and fighting about Shearer I decided I wanted to write and article on this. The problem is I dont really know the answer! The definition is this 1. Ranking among the foremost in the world; of an international standard of excellence; of the highest order. This doesnt really seem to help much.

Is it something that world opinion decides and that makes the player world class. We all know that Zidane, Ronaldinho, Henry are world class and that is because they fit into that category of outstanding skill. Is Nesta world class, Buffon, Rooney, Kaka?? Jason told me he believes it to do with the best player in his position in the world -i.e Shearer in his day! Not sure about that as a way to decide. Cochos believed it to be a player who is oustanding and wins many trophies and plays for one of the top teams i.e Barcelona/Real/Milan. To be honest I personally disagree with both. I think Buffon is the best keeper, but i dont believe he is world class. I also think Henry is world class, but he isnt at a great team and hasnt won anything!

I personally feel it is a player with something extra special that is out of the ordinary, so Maradona, Pele, Ronaldinho, Shevchenko, Henry, Zidane are all world class. These players were special and the gods of the game. The issue for me is I feel my definition is restrictive because bar Bobby Moore and Banks it wouldnt include any keepers or defenders!

Therefore how do we decide??...............I leave it to you to post your comments and ideas of how and who you believe is world class.

Monday, April 10, 2006 

Weekend thoughts and is Wayne Rooney better than Shearer – I think so!!

Manchester United strutted their way passed a slightly weakened Arsenal team yesterday. Apart from the first 15 minutes, where Arsenal were in complete control, Manchester United ran the match at their preferred tempo and style. Arsenal looked weak and apathetic and maybe all these big games are starting to take their toll on the young gunners. Manchester United had a few star performers, Vidic was fantastic yesterday and looks like a great signing by Sir Alec, and then there is of course Wayne Rooney, the wonder-kid.

Now I have never been one to rave about the excellence of players. I’ve seen the papers go wild on players like Alan Shearer, Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard…..we could go on and basically name the whole England team to be honest. They believe these players are as good as any in the world. I remember once Steven Gerrard being matched to Zidane, which is my opinion, is a joke. My point here is that for once I believe the papers have a point. Mr Wayne Rooney is actually an exceptional talent, he makes things happen, he is quick, he has an absolutely brilliant shot, he is good at running with the ball and above all, to me anyway, he has unrivalled vision. People don’t realise how much he seems to read the game, but it is his biggest asset above all other things and that is what stands him apart. That is what allows him to find the space on the pitch and that is what allows him to pick out the right pass. It is the one of the talents in football that you must be born with and he certainly has it.

Now England once played their football around a certain Alan Shearer, playing long balls to him, lots in the air, and I used to get so frustrated because the guy is not good enough to build a team around. A good friend of mine, who by they way is a Newcastle fan, adores Shearer and when I pointed out to him that he was not in the same league as Wayne Rooney – he believed I’d gone insane. Obviously I don’t believe this to be the case. Alan Shearer was a good striker and no doubt he has been one of the top goal scorers in this country for the last decade, BUT that is all he is. The guy never had much pace, he never had any skill and he definitely didn’t get the vision gene. This two players are a class apart, because Wayne Rooney can do all that Shearer can do (hold the ball up and score goals) but do much more. I’ve heard all sorts of people rave about Alan Shearer and what a legend he is, but its so annoying. He isn’t Ronaldinho, Henry, Zidane or even an Etoo because the guy couldn’t create anything without the rest of his team. What makes these players legends and world class is their ability to conjure something from nothing, to take the ball from the halfway line and dribble 4 men and change a game. Sure Alan Shearer will finish a one and one or score you a good header, and there is a place for that and that classifies the man as a good player, but to build a national side around that and call him a legend is definitely wrong.

Now you are probably all saying that Wayne Rooney is not the same calibre of player as I talked about above, the Zidanes and Ronny’s of this world. My one point to you would be this, do you think that at the age of 20 they were playing like they are now. Of course they were not. Now I don’t think Wayne Rooney will ever have the skill of say a Ronaldinho, but then he has other attributes that for me will counter this. Now even I don’t believe that he will ever be as good as Ronaldinho because in my opinion Ronny could be the best man any of us ever have the luck to watch in our lifetime. On the other hand I do believe that Wayne will be considered a world class player if he carries on progresses at this pace and I think the doubters out there should realise that 14 goals + all the assists and amazing work he has done for United this season is a world class performance for a 20 year old. He is certainly a man a team can be built around and hopefully he can lead England to somewhere near the final of the world cup, although I personally think Brazil have it in the bag. After that rant I would like to hear your opinions on the young boy – please post your comments and tell me what you think of my minority opinion!

On another note can Man u really win the title?! I posted the article about 3 weeks ago and I would say so far I haven’t got it very wrong. I should have put a bet on. In my opinion it will all be down to the Bolton game and If Chelsea get a win it will all be over. If they even draw, then I truly believe Man u will have a great chance because pressure and confidence are a massive part of football.

Alex Christou

Sunday, April 09, 2006 

Relegation, Ruin or Relief…………..

The question on every football supporter’s lips at the moment is which teams will be relegated? I believe we are all in concurrence that Sunderland have no hopes and dreams of a drastic escape, and will be obligated to dabble in Championship football next season, perhaps allowing their lavish striker Peter Stead to score more than his startling Premiership account, which is a grand total of one goal this year.

Many would have said, quite rightly, that Portsmouth were destined for the same fate. However, since Harry Rednapp took over, things are seemingly brighter at Fratton Park. Having conscribed the talents of the ingenious D’alessandro, with the ex-Newcastle man, Lua Lua in hot form and player confidence soaring, the Pompey have started to successfully fight back in an attempt to stay in the Premiership, which is demonstrated by their latest 2-2 draw with Blackburn.

It seems that Portsmouth are not the only side that are confronting relegation problems. Watching Steve Bruce yesterday not only was I concerned about the welfare of his team Birmingham, but also the gaffer’s health. He was constantly twitching throughout the game, especially when Wigan struck in the first goal, where good old Steve looked as if he were going to have a heart attack; obviously the stress is getting to him. However he did secure a 1-1 draw, which illustrates that he and his team are not giving up yet.

Steve Bruce is not the only ex-Man U player that’s under pressure; Bryan Robson and West Brom are also facing the prospects of the shadowy depth of the bottom three. In a time when staying up brings so much financial prosper to a club compared with the Championship, it is extremely important for West Brom, who are not the most well-off club, to secure their place in the table. With such players as the inspiring, beckham-like, Jonathan Greening and the tall, lanky Kanu, perhaps they possess the ability and skill to see this task through.

I think that the bottom three will be: Sunderland, West Brom and Birmingham………. Any of your thoughts on who is going to get relegated would be of interest to everyone! So please post your comments!
Michael Christou

Saturday, April 08, 2006 

Some Ronny Videos for your enjoyment


Some info for the new people on the blog

Recently we have been getting a lot more people hitting the blog which is great! If any of you want to write an article on football please email it to me and I will be happy to post it. On another note just so you know if you click on the archives section on the right hand side of the blog, half way down and go to previous months, there are fantastic videos of Maradona, Pele, Zidane and Ronaldinho which everyone should see!! New post should be up by the end of the weekend.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006 

The not so spry spurs fighting a losing battle, while Man U continue to win

Another great article (keep them coming!) - this time from my brother Michael. He has a few opinions on the Spurs and seems to know where the title is going.....enjoy

What Spurs lack it their entertainment they make up for in their disastrous attempt to seal a vital Champions League place. With Arsenal now breathing down Tottenham’s necks, the Spurs Gaffer Martin Jol is starting to feel the exuberating pressure imposed by Arsene Wenger’s managerial brilliance. Such players as Aaron Lennon only dream of possessing the insightful skills that the young wonder kid, Fabregas utilises every game, with his assiduous dynamism and tenacity. Edgar Davids, the skipper, reminisces to the days when he could actually run for more than 5 minutes and make a decisive challenge or perhaps even two if he were lucky. The intense, lucid football that Arsenal evoke, can only be matched by that of Barcelona, whose creativity and flair resound throughout The Nou Camp, echoing throughout the football supporters who watch in awe at their radiance. I would place Manchester United in this category, whose consistent winning streak has pried into Chelsea’s significant lead, turning the Championship into a fighting battle for first place. Jose Mourinho, whose receding hair line is becoming more evident at each of Chelsea’s failures, can only respect his fellow competitors, Chris Coleman and Steve Bruce, who incite a more professional attitude in their teams, with less diving and more playing. Although, all Drogba seems to do is dive or handball, and then repeatedly complain at the referee’s decision, employing argumentatively his usual annoying French idioms. These decisions more often than not go in Drogba's favour, probably down to the referee’s fear for his own life. Sir Alec Ferguson has distinguished himself from the rest by placing his faith in old-timer Giggs, who seems to be delivering in all measures. He has not only acted as the lynch pin for the team, but has also endowed himself with numerous goals with the aid of skilful Ronaldo and powerful Rooney. Only time can tell whether Man U has what it takes to win the league……………..I think they might just do it!

Monday, April 03, 2006 


I have posted Zela response to Cochos in the comments section after Cochos article! If anyone else has an opinion please post your comments because i for one would certainly like to read them!


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